0 centigrade

That was the temperature this morning for my ride into work, 0 centigrade.

Still, the road outside the house looked dry and clear of frost, and the cars in the street all had clear windscreens, not a frosty window in sight, so I was 99% certain it’d be fine to take the bike.

Apart from the mucky spray coming off the road, the conditions were fine, if a little on the cold side for the motorbike, and as I passed South Queensferry the little clock/temperature display showed 0c.

On into Edinburgh and I could see rain in the glare of the headlamp…no, not rain – snow!

Oh well, it’s character building riding a big bike in the snow, and since it wasn’t lying, not actually significantly different to riding in the rain.

Got to work safely, with slightly cold toes, and now wait to see what the ride home brings…

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