HID headlamp

Well, it has to be said that the standard headlamp on the ZZR is worse than useless. Quite why Kawasaki thought it acceptable to release a 180mph beast with a headlamp that’s barely fit for 30mph in the dark is utterly beyond me!

I stuck an HID kit on my ‘wish list’, and my dear Mum obliged and bought me it. the kit came from Ebay, and cost around £65.

It consists of a proper HID bulb, which requires 23,000v to create the discharge arc that creates the light, and all the gubbins necessary to generate that huge voltage from a mere 12v motorbike electric system.

Before : the standard headlamp barely illuminates the clutter of my garage


After : all the hideous clutter is laid bare under the glare from the small sun now emanating from my bike!


Took a bit of time to fit, but it’s not too complicated, and I reckon anyone willing to follow instructions could do this.

Go on, treat yourself to one!!

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