Still working towards my NPPL(M)

After a 3 week break from flying thanks to poor weather I finally got back up at the weekend, twice in fact.

Saturday the weather was glorious – as the pic above shows. Sunday was murky and cloudy and we were restricted to 500ft max to keep below the cloud base – sometimes just 400ft. Not a great day for flying, but ok for circuits and we did plenty.

The circuit is a pretty intense workout mentally – we have a pretty short circuit, so it all happens very fast from take off, climb, all the checks, radio calls, approach and landing, all in about 2 minutes!

On the plus side, my circuit work is spot on.

On the down side, my landings are at best inconsistent, and at worst I’m just not clicking yet with the timing of the roundout and hold off. It’s got to be 2nd nature – it happens very, very fast – and I’m sure as my skill level improves, it won’t seem to happen as fast – so it’s just a case of keeping at it until it clicks!

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