LED strips as instrument backlights

The standard illumination for the clock panel on the ZZR is, frankly, rubbish.

In daylight it doesn’t matter, obviously, and when it’s pitch black, it’s fine too, but everywhere in between it’s just rubbish! I can’t read the clocks at all – kind of important if you don’t want a speeding ticket!


Here they are again, with the LED’s fitted


The LED strips came are wired into the bulb power supply, and the strips are wrapped around the internals of the instrument panel



Bit of a faff to do, but the difference speaks for itself!

2 thoughts on “LED strips as instrument backlights

  1. to save the hassle mate i got same replacing the bulbs with LED bulbs
    done it for customer on fjr1300 and you can buy all colours does same job just less hassle + quicker

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