What lies beneath?

Have you ever looked around at the people at your work and wondered what hidden interests and talents lie beneath the work façade?

I was in a meeting at work recently when the boss happened to spot the ‘Flight 666’ logo on my security pass lanyard – if you don’t know what Flight 666 is, look

Anyway, the big boss then proceeded to quietly show me all the Iron Maiden tracks on his IPhone – so what? Well, this is a grey haired suited guy, pretty straight laced, and it’s the only peek I’ve ever had into ‘what lies beneath’. Not that being older and grey haired is a bar to being a Maiden fan – we’re all getting older, and I’m no exception!

That got me thinking – looking around the office, how many people are aware I’m starting my training with the IAM to hopefully become an Observer – someone who acts as a mentor to motorcycle ‘associates’ to prepare them for their Advanced Motorcycle test with an IAM examiner – or that I’m a British Sub Aqua Club Advanced Diver and Club Instructor, and a Scottish Sub Aqua Club 2nd Class Diver and Branch Instructor – and why should they know? It’s not like any of that is relevant to my job (an analyst/programmer), or my activities at work as an Employee Representative.

So next time you have time, find out what people have achieved outside of work – it may surprise you!

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