Post-partum Referendum blues

It’s been a momentous time for Scotland. We all knew that in this referendum there must be winners and losers, but whatever the result was we would all be in it together since we all live in Bonny Scotland. So it’s with great sadness that I’ve witnessed so much vile, abusive and hate filled language spew forth on a variety of social media, plus the vandalism of ‘No’ signs branding them ‘traitors’. It’s time to put that behind us now, for the sake of all our futures. If we can’t now rise above this and look to working together as a nation for our future then I fear the future will be bleak.

Bitterness has no place in society, and certainly not in Democracy. What if the haters who are now spewing forth their disgusting diatribes had been on the ‘winning’ side of the Referendum, how would they view the ‘losers’ using such foul language to describe them I wonder? In truth there are no winners or losers in this whole issue – we all still live in Scotland, and our future still lies in Scotland.

One of the many strengths of Scotland has always been our caring nature – we might talk a hard game sometimes, but we look after our own – and this is shown in our charitable giving – we are a generous nation and on average give far more than other parts of the UK. It would be a terrible tragedy if that caring side of Scotland was irrevocably damaged as a direct result of this referendum.

Ultimately we should be eternally grateful that we live in a Democracy where we can run such an emotive and important referendum and not expect anything other than a fair vote – many other countries have no such freedom – and having expressed its democratic will it’s now time for the Scotland people to move on.

What will follow now? I hope in the short term the foul and offensive language of the few will fall silent, and the world of social media can return to what it was – a place to keep in touch with friends, and even family, without having to fight over politics. I wonder if the politicians will manage to move away from the politics of fear and start to look at how to build a better union for everyone concerned, not just Scotland. Maybe if they stop all the nonsense and actually listen to the problems people face daily they might win the respect of people, rather than just trying to scare them all the time?

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