A week further on

A week on and I’m getting gradually more used to the Varadero.

The buffeting around my head at speed continued to be an issue. Last weekend I tried the screen at the lower setting, and that wasn’t any better than the high setting, and since that offered a bit more weather protection I put it back up.

I was searching the net for screen extenders, and read on a forum about a screen adjuster frame, I looked it up and ended up ordering one (from Palmer Products) as it worked out cheaper than buying a taller screen – and the forums tended to point to the low pressure area formed behind the screen as the main cause of the buffeting, so a taller screen wouldn’t necessarily fix the problem.

The adjuster arrived on Thursday, so I fitted it that evening. I set it to its highest point, which isn’t actually all that much higher than the original high position, and kept the screen angle the same as it was originally. Riding along the motorway this morning it’s made a huge difference – yes, there was wind, but not concentrated on my head, and none of the buffeting – result!!

Seems that the low pressure formed behind the screen at speed is the main source of the buffeting, and the adjuster holds the screen out just over an inch from the fairing, allowing air to come up under the screen, vastly reducing or even eliminating the low pressure area.

It remains to be seen how well the brackets cope long term – they look well built and I expect they’ll last a long time.

I’ve got the centre stand and an e-System scottoiler to fit over the weekend, and while I’m in there I’ll fit the charging lead for the new Optimate battery charger.

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