Do you use your mobile phone while driving?

You know, I can TELL when a driver is using their mobile phone – well, it’s either that or they’re drunk!

In fact, the level of distraction created by using your phone is equivalent to the negative effect on your driving ability of being just over the legal alcohol limit for driving!

Now, if the law carries an automatic 12 month ban for drink driving, why not a similar punishment for mobile phone useage??

Watch the car in this video, filmed on my way home tonight. He was all over the place, almost off the road, random braking, if something unexpected had happened there wasn’t a cat in hell’s chance he’d have reacted quickly enough.

I wonder when it will be as socially unacceptable to use your mobile while driving as drink driving is. Unfortunately I suspect a lot of people will have to die needlessly first. That’s a bloody shame, especially if it’s you or a loved one. So next time you’re tempted to check your phone while you’re driving, DON’T!!! Simple.

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