Father’s Day brew – Big Kenny

This is my 6th brew so far this year, and normally I don’t bother with pics or a blog as time is usually against me, but since it was Father’s Day, and I was given time and space to get on with it by the Mrs (who is usually badgering me to ditch the brewing in favour of some random job she thinks is more important..) I managed to get a few photos as I went along.

So, here we go :

Pale Malt, Torrified Wheat, Crystal Malt, Roast Barley and Chocolate Malt

Fly sparging

Collecting the wort

Boil well underway

Post boil hops steeping

Chiller connected up and running

Draining the boiler

Fermenter filling up

Plenty of hops in this brew

Bang on the target OG :mrgreen:

Giving it a gentle stir….

Rehydrated Nottingham yeast looking happy

Salad spinner basket is dam handy for catching the hops when cleaning out the boiler

The elements looking manky after boiling sweet sticky wort for an hour and a half

5 minutes of soaking in a solution of citric acid and they’re sparkling like new again

And that’s it – brew is one of two (kegged a Cotleigh Barn Owl this morning) intended for my father-in-law’s 70th birthday party next month. Hope the brews are as popular with the extended family as they were last time I provided beer for a family event – it went down a storm then!

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