A bike run in the Scottish Borders

This weekend I enjoyed a lovely bike run down to the Borders with 6 mates on our bikes.

We gathered at Bruce’s over in Fife in the morning and then headed off across the Forth Road Bridge, around the Edinburgh bypass, and down the A7.

We had an early lunch in Galashiels, then went down towards Jedburgh, then across to the A68, back up that a short distance, and then across on the A699 to Kelso, then up back towards the A68, Edinburgh bypass and home.

From the hours and hours of footage, I cobbled together a video of the day :

A great day out, and just a wee appetizer for the upcoming Ireland trip….

2 thoughts on “A bike run in the Scottish Borders

  1. You had all the borders to play with, and you take a photo of your bikes next to a speed camera? 🙂 At least the weathers good enough to enjoy a ride this week!

    • Hee hee! Wasn’t my choice to stop there, but then that’s how group rides work. When we stopped we did consider standing in front of the camera to see if we could get our picture taken, but there were no takers, and nobody triggered it while we were there anyway.

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