No-one to blame but myself for this, but having taken the front brake calipers off the bike, I refitted them, and as they aren’t the original Kwak brakes I don’t have any torque settings for the bolts, so just as I’ve done before, the mounting bolts were done up to ‘very firm’. Well, apparently not firm enough! One of the buggers came loose – and it popped out under braking with a bang – not a good feeling!!

I rode the rest of the way home in full IAM defensive driving mode, never needing to touch the front brakes at all.

Of course, being non standard brakes, to make them fit, they need non standard bolts. Do any of the local suppliers stock these weird shouldered bolts?? NO!

So, I have been able to order the right size from SQ online, but of course they won’t be delivered before Tuesday at the earliest… Oh well, back to the train for another couple of days….

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