A day in the garage, working on the bike

I spent pretty much all of Sunday in the garage – I’d got a touring scotoiler kit off ebay that fits behind the number plate, but when it arrived it was full of dirty, contaminated, oil. Spent ages emptying the scotoiler and the reserve, flushing/cleaning with very thin oil, then proper oil. Once that was finally all done, I fitted the new setup, and removed my scotoiler – although that meant re-running the vacuum pipe all the way to the front of the bike, so fuel tank had to come off. Then there was the long slow process of priming it, and then adjusting it… 4 hours later, and absolutely frozen, that was it finally done.

Next was the heated grips. Last weekend I took the screen and inner fairing off to get into the wiring to check the plug connections. When they were all checked over and nothing found un-plugged, I’d tested the voltage at the various plugs and concluded that one of the grips had failed. But riding the bike last week, the right grip would work – but intermittently – so it was time to delve back into the wiring. So, screen off, inner fairing off, clocks unbolted, and back into the wiring. Take a deep breath, and cut the plug connections off, get the soldering iron out, and start soldering the wires together.

Tested them – both ok – shuffle the wiring around to get the clocks back in place – and test again, in case I’ve crushed and broken one of the soldered connections – all good – so get the inner fairing and screen back on, and then finally, in the dusk light, gave the bike it’s weekly wash..

So that was me super popular with the Mrs – not! – 6 hours spent working on the bike and completely ignoring the family – oh well, it all needed done!!

On a positive note, I moaned at the ebay vendor of the scotoiler kit, and he refunded £20 for my time and bother – and oil – I paid £38 for it all in, so net it’s only £18 – for what would cost well over £100 new, and routinely goes for over £50 on ebay – nice!!!

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