Random late night meanderings

Should be in bed, but having spent a large part of the evening kegging and bottling my latest brew, and then even more time labelling up the bottles I’d filled from the previous brew so I could finally put them away, I felt like a beer (that and the shelf of beer bottles was getting rather full), so I’m treating myself to an rare mid week beer, and it’s going down rather too well…

I wonder what tomorrow will bring? (better not be a blasted hangover) – I’ll be commuting by motorbike, so no snow or ice would be a plus, and I know work will be busy (marginally better than being bored!), on the other hand, I know by looking at the time now, that serious and regular infusions of caffeine will be required to see me through the day..   The life of a software developer can be a boring one at times..

Right, time to go and play with the “pages”…

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